COSORI Small Air Fryer Oven Review

COSORI Small Air Fryer

Let’s get crispy! Today, we’re diving into the COSORI Small Air Fryer, a pint-sized powerhouse promising delicious air-fried goodness without taking up valuable counter space. Whether you’re a solo chef or feeding a small family, this air fryer might be your new kitchen bestie.

First Impressions:

  • Mini but Mighty: With a 2.1-quart capacity, it’s ideal for individual portions or quick snacks. Don’t underestimate its power, though – this little fryer packs a punch with rapid air circulation for quick and even cooking.
  • Sleek and Simple: The sleek black design looks sharp on any countertop, and the digital touchscreen with pre-programmed settings makes operation a breeze. No knobs or dials to fiddle with, just tap and go!
  • Easy Clean-up: Both the basket and crisper tray are dishwasher safe, a major win for lazy (like me) chefs everywhere.

Cooking Performance:

  • Crispy Champion: From golden fries to juicy wings, the COSORI delivers on its crispy promise. The rapid air circulation ensures even cooking without the need for oil, making your favorites healthier and guilt-free.
  • Versatility King: This isn’t just a fry-er, it’s a multi-cooker! Roast veggies, reheat leftovers, bake small treats, and even dehydrate fruit – the possibilities are endless.
  • Quick and Quiet: Compared to a traditional oven, the COSORI heats up fast and cooks food in record time. Plus, it’s surprisingly quiet, so you can whip up a late-night snack without waking the house.

Nitpicks and Nibbles:

COSORI Small Air Fryer
  • Small Batch Blues: While perfect for solo meals, larger families might find the capacity limiting. Consider the larger COSORI models if you’re feeding a crowd.
  • Recipe Roulette: The included recipe book is a nice touch, but some users wished for more detailed instructions or a wider variety of recipes.
  • Light Show: The preheat and cooking indicator lights can be quite bright, especially in a dark kitchen. A dimmer option would be a welcome addition.

Overall Verdict:

COSORI Small Air Fryer

The COSORI Small Air Fryer is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a compact, user-friendly way to enjoy air-fried goodness. It’s perfect for single households, couples, or anyone who values convenience and healthy cooking. While the limited capacity might not suit larger families, its crispy results, ease of use, and sleek design make it a winner in my book.


Q: Is it big enough for a family?

A: While it’s not ideal for large families, it’s perfect for couples or individuals. It can cook enough for 2-3 people for most meals.

Q: Does it preheat?

A: No preheating is required, saving you time and energy. Just toss in your food and set the timer!

Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: The nonstick coating makes it easy to wipe clean. The basket and drip tray are dishwasher safe for even easier cleaning.

Q: What’s the noise level like?

A: It’s much quieter than a traditional oven, making it a great option for small apartments or late-night cooking.

Q: Is it worth the price?

A: At a reasonable price point, the COSORI Small Air Fryer Oven offers great value for its compact size, versatility, and performance. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking to add a convenient and healthy cooking option to their kitchen.

COSORI Small Air Fryer

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (minus 0.5 for the minor quibbles)

Final Tip: For even more crispy goodness, preheat your air fryer for 5 minutes before adding your food. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

I hope this review helps you decide if the COSORI Small Air Fryer is the right fit for your kitchen. Happy air frying!





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