BELLA 8 Qt Digital Air Fryer Review

BELLA 8 Qt Digital Air Fryer

The Verdict:

The Bella 8 Qt Digital Air Fryer is a solid contender for any home cook searching for a versatile and spacious air frying companion. While it boasts some impressive features like a large capacity, touchscreen interface, and divided basket, some minor drawbacks deserve consideration before you hit “buy.”


  • Spacious 8-quart capacity: Perfect for families or those who love leftovers. It easily cooks whole chickens, fries for a crowd, or batch preps healthy snacks.
  • Digital touchscreen controls: User-friendly and intuitive, offering pre-programmed settings for common foods and adjustable temperature and timer.
  • Divided basket: Cook two different dishes simultaneously, saving time and maximizing efficiency. Ideal for families with varying preferences or for meal prep.
  • Rapid air circulation: Cooks food quickly and evenly, achieving crispy textures with minimal oil.
  • Easy cleaning: Non-stick surfaces and dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze.

Room for Improvement:

BELLA 8 Qt Digital Air Fryer
  • Noise level: Some users report the air fryer being louder than expected, especially when running at high temperatures.
  • Pre-heat time: Takes longer than some models to reach desired temperature.
  • Light could be brighter: The interior light might be insufficient for monitoring delicate dishes.
  • Recipes: The included recipe book could be more detailed and offer wider variety.


BELLA 8 Qt Digital Air Fryer

The BELLA 8 Qt Digital Air Fryer delivers on its promise of convenience and versatility. Its large capacity, user-friendly controls, and divided basket make it a great choice for busy families or air fryer enthusiasts. While minor quibbles like noise and pre-heat time exist, they’re unlikely to be dealbreakers for most. If you prioritize capacity, ease of use, and the ability to cook multiple dishes at once, the BELLA makes a compelling case.

BELLA 8 Qt Digital Air Fryer

Bonus Tip: Look for online recipes specifically designed for Bella air fryers to optimize cooking times and results.

Remember: The available data and user reviews served as the foundation for this review. Prior to making a purchase, it is usually advised to take your unique requirements and preferences into account.

I hope this provides you with a solid foundation for your assessment of an air fryer. Feel free to add your own personal experiences and observations to make it even more unique and informative!





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